The Symptoms Of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a dangerous eye disease that leads to irreversible blindness. Because of the increasing of pressure inside the eye the cells of retina are destroyed, the visual nerve gets atrophied and, as a result, visual signals stop coming to the brain. A person becomes to see worse and worse and completely loses his orientation in space.

There are certain groups of risk which include people of different age categories, but the tendency is that the risk of having glaucoma increases with the age. Be attentive to your eyes’ health if you belong to one of the following risk groups:

  1. People of age after 60-70 years (even if there were no complaints on eyes before).
  2. People with significant myopia or hyperopia after 40-50 years age.
  3. People with the arterial pressure lower than the norm for their age.
  4. People with hormonal and cardiovascular diseases.
  5. People after traumas or inflammation diseases of the eyes.
  6. People whose relatives suffered from glaucoma and have the similar building of the eye.
  7. People who take a long course of treatment with hormonal medications.

It’s very important to begin the treatment in time, because in the case of ignoring the alarming symptoms or waiting too long before the beginning of taking measures, you can lose your vision. What are the symptoms of glaucoma beginning?

  1. Cutting pain in your eyes, feeling of heaviness in them, limitation of the vision space.
  2. Loss of vision clarity, appearance of something like net in front of your eyes.
  3. The appearance of rainbow circles when you are looking at the bright light.
  4. Worsening of vision in twilight and night time.
  5. Feeling of a wet eye.
  6. Slight painful feelings around the eye.
  7. Eye reddening.

To diagnose glaucoma, you need to visit eye doctor and undergo the computer diagnostics that will investigate the eye pressure and the fundus. Such deep investigation helps to discover glaucoma on its earliest stage and stop its development. Take care of your eyes and begin the treatment as soon as possible!